if you are unable to scan QR, please click “Pay manually” button and type in your merchant ID to pay.

Go into profile details > Account Information. There, type in your new phone number and get verified.

Your eligible credit limit is calculated by your monthly capacity multiplied by six (6-month tenure).
(Example: If your monthly capacity is 100,000 MMK, your eligible credit limit will be 100,000 x 6 = 600,000 MMK)

How is my monthly repayment amount calculated?

The maximum credit limit is up to 1,000,000 MMK.

You can choose your loan tenure starting from 1 month, up to 6 months. The maximum loan tenure is up to 6 months.

You can apply for another loan as long as you have enough credit limit (which is your monthly capacity multiplied by six).

Your repayment schedule will be processed by equal monthly repayment type. You will have to repay your loan amount monthly, within your selected loan tenure.

You will have to pay early repayment fees of 2% on the outstanding loan amount.

Please visit our website www.zegafinance.com and find the merchant onboarding form in ZEGA App for merchants. Fill in the information and we will contact you within 3-7 working days.

Take the photos of the documents with your phone camera.

Make sure the information in the documents are clearly visible in the photo.

All of your transactions will be shown if you choose “All Transactions” on your transaction history page. You can also view all of your transaction details by selecting date ranges (maximum of 2 years).

1. Find “Repayment” in Loan Page.
2. Select the preferred payment channel.
3. Follow the steps given.

Go into your account information and select “Delete my account”.
Please note that by deleting your account, all the data from the app will be permanently deleted and your profile cannot be restored.
** You cannot delete your account if you have active loans.

1. Find “Repayment” in Loan Page.
2. Click on each transaction to see repayment schedule.
3. Click “Pay now” to repay loan.