Your credit is designed for
you to spend on anything, anytime.

  • From groceries to shopping,
    we've got you covered.
  • Apply loan for grocery shopping and
    your daily small-ticket purchases

Convenient and affordable

You can easily buy your daily
necessities anytime

Transaction at a glance

Keep track your expense and
purchases easily

No hidden fees

No subscriptions. No annual charges.

  • Buy your favorite products instantly
    and pay for them later
  • ZEGA will help you say “YES” to
    your purchases without worrying
    about your finances

Easy and fast
onboarding process

Quick application and transaction
process via mobile application

Flexible installment plans
suited to your needs

You don't have to wait for the next
paycheck to buy what you want

Buy Now. Pay Later.

Shopping with financial services
has never been easier.

Your ZEGA limit is
designed for you, and only you.

What is the ZEGA Limit exactly?

The ZEGA Limit is a spending balance for an individual person that ZEGA disburses out to. This balance is calculated by our system and team which looks at your financial information and decides your spending and repayment power. Based on that spending and repayment power, your ZEGA Limit is created. Essentially, no one will have the same ZEGA Limit.

How It Works


Loan tenure - up to 6 months
Maximum loan amount - 1,000,000 MMK



Loan tenure - up to 12 months
Maximum loan amount - 3,000,000 MMK

Your ZEGA Limit is calculated by your monthly capacity with loan term.

Your ZEGA Limit is shown on the card on the app. Much like a credit card!

With only 1.67% interest rate per month you can buy what you want, without a hassle

With only 1.67% interest rate per month you can buy what you want, without a hassle

How to use the ZEGA App

Step 1
Download the ZEGA App.It only takes a while, we promise!

How to use the ZEGA App

Step 2
Sign-up for your account
Fill in our KYC questions. We would like to get to know you.

What is KYC?
KYC means Know-Your-Customer. KYC is basically the information that we collect from you so that we can give you access to our financial services. KYC can mean your general information to your financial information. We collect KYC because we want to give you financial services that fit your needs.

How to use the ZEGA App

Step 3
Fill in the loan application form.
Get your customized credit limit suited to your needs.

How to use the ZEGA App

Step 4
You’re ready to go.
Shop now and pay later!

What're you waiting for?
Download now and shop!

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